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Formica1 robot is striving for your business results.

Your goal is optimum production management depending on current demand.

You don't want production and warehouse work to slow down due to the lack of specialized staff.

You want to eliminate empty runs.

You want to provide comprehensive warehouse and production services.

Are you afraid of having no workforce?
With the AGV intelligent robot, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

You’ll finally have a stable logistics process

Find out what else you can gain by introducing the autonomous AGV.

Improve the safety of your people and transported goods

Eliminate accidents caused by forklifts. Invest in proven means of internal transport. Ensure greater safety for yourself and your employees as well as smooth and gentle transport of goods by choosing a self-propelled vehicle. Do not expose employees to work in hazardous conditions.

Make changes at no extra cost

Easily make quick changes by adapting the process to the growing requirements and needs of customers. If your production or work system has changed, all you have to do is upload the updated plant plan to the robot. Our self-propelled transport vehicle can also independently create an updated map on which it will move.

Help your employees

Relieve your employees by implementing maintenance-free and fully mobile solutions, such as a mobile trolley. Let them focus on more demanding and complex tasks than transporting materials within the factory.

Increase productivity while reducing costs

Improve production line efficiency by up to 50%, easily optimizing and configuring all production flow by introducing a self-propelled transport vehicle.

Take your business to the next level and show off during your clients reference visits

Impress them with modern technology in your plant. Show how Industry 4.0 works at its best.

Learn how to get ROI after just one month

Where is the autonomous AGV used?

We will say briefly: almost everywhere.

Our mobile robots, thanks to which you can automate internal transport, are an extremely versatile solution.

AGV robots and other means of internal transport work perfectly together, so you can use them both in the newly built plant as well as in the modernization of the existing ones.

We will help you in stress-free implementation without changes in the workplace

We provide technical support. Also, the engineer supporting the supplier will oversee the entire implementation process in your company. The implementation of Formica1 is based on a simple methodology: “Try before you buy”. This is done in two stages:

Stage 1

We organize pilot implementation along with tests, where you can check how the AGV operates on your processes.

Stage 2

We provide you with a detailed report and recommendations for further actions.